Friday, July 10, 2009

Surprise, Surprise

A couple of weeks ago I had a workshop for Leonie at my house. Invited some friends around and Leonie showed them some techniques. Well to my surprise Leonie didn't tell me that she had some late order entries which boosted my total past $600. So as a surprise she order me a stamp set (pun fun) that she knew that I wanted.

So what a surprise when I popped in to see Leonie today and my order was there with this amazing surprise for me. I was so excited. This just made my day. So thank you again my lovely friend and as you can see from the card below, I went straight home and made a card to thank Leonie for the surprise.
After making this very special card I just didn't feel like making any more. Even though I was child free, I just felt like getting out. Leonie, Sarah and Annette were at a roller rink and I so love roller skating. So off I went. It's been a while since I have been but happy to say that I only fell over once. What fun. The lovely Annette took a picture of me on the way past. Not the best shot but I had so much fun. Next time I might even take the kid's. Lol


Annette said...

Love the card Philippa, will have to do something about my photography skills, or could it be you were whizzing round that fast I couldn't get you in focus LOL X:)

Leonie said...

It was so much fun, I really loved it (...and so did Logan! lol!) And, I missed you falling over, when did that happen?

Cant believe you published that story, you are not supposed to let people know I am a nice guy! But seriously, thanks for the card, it is gorgeous!

Debbie Pamment said...

Love the card, and how exciting to get a surprise set!!! - but the photo put a real smile on my face! It's soo nice to see you having fun, hope we get lots more fun pics on camp!!!

Susannah Iredale said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog, yes I love the pun fun stamp set I have used it in a couple of classes and everyone loves it. I love the card you have made with the cup I havnt made one with that yet, oh and love the roller skating pic, I miss those days when I used to go roller skating its so much fun.