Thursday, September 8, 2011


I so love holidays. But over here in Oz we don't really celebrate halloween. But I have always been a big witchy fan. I do love all of the halloween paper and stamps out there but don't really see the need for it. But when we went to stamp camp the lovely Karla's swap was this really cool halloween card. Karla is a mad halloween fan as well. I think I decided then and there to finally submit my self into buying halloween stamps and paper.

It was a great stamp camp and Karla so generously donated some halloween paper to start me off. Also I was able to use some of her halloween goodies. Lucky me.

This first card is Karla's swap

These next lot are some of the things I made on the night. I love this little candy wrapper.

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Debbie Pamment said...

These are FABULOUS Phil - loved them at camp and LOVE seeing them again. I wish we could get better variety of Halloween stuff here - I'm using up all the fun stuff I bought in The States last year!