Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

It's been around six weeks since I have been in this house by myself without little ones around me. And most of you mum's will understand what that is like. So today off went Cam and Tara to the school holiday soccer program.

Wow 3 hours to myself. What to do? First thing to wash the car and give it a vaccuum. Then I came home and decided to do some scrappin. I love scrapbooking but it's hard to start. But I quickly found some photo's that I had printed off from christmas 2008. So here are the pages that I have completed. I can't beleive I have done 2 pages in one day.

Mind you the first one I can't take all the credit as I got the idea from the scrappin kit it came with. But the other one is all me. I must say I thought I would get so bored using the same xmas paper, but it feels good using it all up and getting ready for next years paper.

Before I finish off I would like to show you all my new craft room. We have a fairly big house with lots of lounge rooms and bedrooms, but I hated having all my craft out in the open (and sometimes messy). Then I was trying to explain to my 17 year old James that he can't turn the theartre room into his bed room as well. We don't use that room alot, mainly for when James has friends over or is using his xbox. So I had a brain wave and decided that James should move his bedroom into the theatre room and I moved all my craft stuff into his room down the back. So over a couple of day's things were changed around and now I have my own craft room. So exciting. Plus I now have a formal lounge room that is just for watching TV. It's so clean. Even Edward and Bella likes the change. (last photo)lol


Robyn said...

It all looks great- Nothin' like having your "own" Crafty Room!! Looking forward to seeing the "crafty goodness" it inspires!!

Emma said...

Wow 3 hrs to yourself, you lucky thing you...hehe!
What else would you do in that time but craft! Love the LO's, they look fantastic!

Amanda xx said...

LOVE your new room :o) and yes it does seem to suit Bella & Edward as well! Great pages.. really makes me want to sit down and scrap...