Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back to reality

Well it's been nearly a week since I have been back from convention, but no time to blog. By the time I cleaned up the house (thanks husband) and organised things for my son's deb, I have had no time to blog. Most people have been putting up all their exciting news about the convention, so I wont bore you to much, other to say that I had a fantastic time. Lot's of excitement (fire evacuation's), great company and fantastic day's and nights.

I think one of the high light for me was meeting Shelli. As soon as we got in the door you could see her standing at the table next to our's. We were all looking at each other saying should we, could we go and say hi. And of course Leonie and I new that no way did we come all this way not to say hi. Anyway Shelli is absolutly beautiful. She is so down to earth and georgeous. It was great to meet her and next on our list was the comically talented lady Bonnie. She is such a funny lady. Bonnie had all of us is stitches. So we just had to have a photo with her as well.

Anyway while I have been writing this my computer has been playing up again, so I can not upload any photo's of these two wonderful ladies that I met, or anything else. So I will post this for now, and when I get this damn computer fixed, I will post some photo's. If you head to Leonies blog she will have some photo's up of us meeing Shelli, Bonnie and our wonderful team.


Leonie said...

Funny girl! You will have plenty of craft time after tomorrow!

KimB said...


thanks for the comment and saying hi. I recognise your swap from below. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone had done with the medallion.


Louise Sutton said...

Nothing says "girls' weekend away" like bonding on the street in our PJs at 2 am.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I look forward to stopping by here often. :-D