Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday cards

I thought that I would pop up some of the very clever birthday card's my daughter received for her birthday last week. This top one is of all of the home made cards. Fellow stamper and friend Kylie had a workshop and we all made the pony card, so Tara got a couple of those for her birthday. Lol.

The castle card was done buy the very talented and great friend(suck, suck) Leonie. Not sure the exact technique, but it has three layers to the card. Very cool.

This last one is the one that I made for Tara. Tara is a big mermaid lover so it just had to be this one and finished with heaps of sparkle.

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Emma said...

These are gorgeous Philipa! I do love your Mermaid Anya, she is just Adorable! Love all that sparkle!