Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cooking Queen

I must say for someone that doesn't work much (out of the home that is) I am so busy. And I find it hard to find just one day that I am home resting. So it was a great day today as I was home with my cheeky little 4 year old Tara and we decided to make some scones for my parents who are coming over for afternoon tea. I just couldn't resist taking some photo's. How cute does she look. Tara loves cooking.

I must say it looks like an advert for Tupperware. All that great kid's kitchen range. At least I know where all my tupperware money went. On more tupperware.
Have a good day all


Leonie said...

lol! I was wondering where the tupperware apron & hat was!

Debbie Pamment said...

hahaha - great ad for Tupperware - LOL. Tara is a real cutie - and it's great seeing kids enjoy cooking!