Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love school holidays

Wow I feel relaxed. School holiday's are here. No dragging my backside out of bed to get children to school, kinda or any where else. And I have been spending heaps of time reading and being creative.

So here is what I have been doing. Last week over at Leonie's I decided to case one of Leonie's scrapbook page. Click here for Leonie's version.

But here is my masterpiece. This is of my 6 year old son Cameron who has just completed his first year of school. I love this photo with his big grown up jacket and tie. I can't beleive that he is no longer a preppie boy. How sad that they grow so fast.
Talking about growing up to fast. My next page I decided to do one of my big 16 year old boy James. I thought I better go and hunt out those prep school photo's and make him a special page. It so brings back memories. Of his first day at school, so excited to go. Now I have to yell and scream to wake him up in the morning. Oh well I will always have those memories. I am really happy with this page as it's a Philippa original. And I used my brand new alphabet stamp set I got just last week on sale. How cool was that?

Also I must say I'm in love with my cuttle bug at the moment. I am using it heaps.


Emma Lockley said...

Hi! aww your boys are so quick, and yes they grow up so quickly. My son has just finished his first term in Reception and my daughter is now in Juniors!!! i cant beleive how fast their lives are passing us by. I would love to do more scrapbooking, especially of their school days. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays : )
love emma xxx

Alison said...

Very cute, and your pages look fantastic - a great way to show their school photos.

Kristy Young said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous!

Leonie said...

He he, James looks so little! Cant believe you managed to line up those ABC's so perfectly! Well done, the pages look great :)