Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 40th Russell

Well today my darling husband turned 40, and he is a massive Dr Who fan. Those who know Dr Who know that he travels around in a machine called the Tardis and fights aliens' and monsters. Any way the show is a big hit in our household and I knew that I had to make a card for him that resembles the show.

I must say that I could not think of anything to do for weeks and then just yesterday afternoon this popped into my head. So here is my great card and when I gave it to my husband he looked at it and went oh nice. Nice. It took me ages to think of something to do and he couldn't tell that it was supposed to be a T.V. He said I should of made a remote control. Silly me. Will know for next time.

Any way we had a lovely lunch followed by a beautiful choc mud cake made by a friend of mine Kim. Clever girl isn't she. Thanks Kim.


Debbie Pamment said...

MEN!!!!! I think you did a fantastically inventive card - and the cake is a stunner too!
Hope you had a great day too...

Annette said...

Love the way you have put this together, love the colours, and that cake just looks to good to cut into, cheers X:)