Thursday, January 29, 2009


So yesterday was my birthday and I turned 36. It was very hard to celebrate when all you wanted to do was sit still and try and keep cool. But it turned out to be great. You know you are loved when your family and friends brave the heat to come and see you for your birthday. So thanks to all.
Leonie and Sarah made me some great cards that I wanted to share with you. Aswell as a wonderful masterpiece from my beautiful nephew Angus. Check out Leonie's blog here if you want the instructions for the witch card.

Thank you all for sharing my day with me.
(P.S. My computer is behaving like a three year old and wont do as I ask. The pictures are upside down as they refuse to turn anti clockwise. Any way am too tired and hot to work it out and will fix it when I can.)
Thanks for looking sideways. He He


Leonie said...

Thanks for posting my card gorg! Happy Birthday again!

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday to you! I know it's late, but better late than never they say right? I'm glad you managed to still have a fab day on such a stinker of a day! I hope this heat moves on SOON. I have a little photo challenge for you over at my blog, just for fun :)

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Phillipa !! Glad you had a great day even though we were all at risk of melting !