Thursday, December 4, 2008

Colour Challenge #33

Ok so I have 45min to have a shower, get dressed, get the kid's ready and go to dancing. But of course I am sitting here with my cards.

My lovely card made with all these great colours. I used the eastern blooms stamp set. Quite simple really. But what made the card great is the lovely pen drawings by my daughter Tara and her cheeky friend Matilda(follow blogger Leonies daughter). I found them in the study and not sure whom is to blame but it doesn't matter.

Next week I am holding a work shop for my children and their little friends. They will be making candles and cards and christmas food. I can't wait to see all their creations.


Robyn said...

What a shame and on such a gorgeous card!!! Just as well you don't know who it was!!!

Leonie said...

What a lovely card Phil, great job, you can tell they are your colors!! I think that the pen work adds a really unique twist to the card

Leonie said...

OK, so I know it is a busy time of year and all, but girlfriend, give me something new to look at!!

Stamp and Smile said...

Darling card! And yes, the added touches the girls made gave your card a unique style... LOL!! Love the colors you chose and the layering!! Awesome... :)